Planet and Moon

Planetary Magick - Extended Collection

Launching November 18, 2021 at 7:30pm ADST

Perhaps what we are known best for are our Planetary Ritual Oils.

Natura Maga will assist you delve deeper into Planetary Magick - offering an extended collection of tools and teachings to implement Planetary Magick into your daily practice.

Like our Planetary Ritual Oils, our new collection will work to conjure powerful magickal focus for rituals and spellcraft - using the specific energetic virtues of each traditional Planet, as well as some of our favourites you have yet to discover.

Natura Maga Planetary Magick embodies Traditional Witchcraft, Herbal Alchemy and a lifetime of learning and ancestral knowledge.

Working with the Planets can seem overwhelming at first - in addition to physical tools, Natura Maga will be offering our unique insights and learnings as part of this extended collection.  

If you are interested in tuning into the celestial powers of the Planets and harnessing these powers for your own practice - then the Natura Maga Planetary Magick Extended Collection is for you.