Vino La Mine - Ritual Oil

Vino La Mine - Ritual Oil




She’s extra.  She takes up space. She shines with confidence and authority. She doesnt chase attention - she attracts it. She brings you to your knees. Shes Vino La Mine.


Natura Maga’s newest herbal alchemy creation is offered to assist with strong attraction, desire, sex, love and confidence - not your average oil - Vino la Mine came to conquer.


All-natural sesame oil with essential oils and botanica.


We’ve added some gold mica for visual appeal (so be careful on fabric and light-coloured surfaces, and if you don’t want a little sparkle on your fingers, wear gloves while using).


Anoint your heart chakra as part of a daily attraction ritual - Vino le Mine is also perfect for all manner of candle magick, rituals and spells (anoint any object that resonates with you). A few drops on a favourite crystal, amulet, or piece of jewellery to keep the power of attraction close.


Try a few drops in a bath/shower, or as a massage oil to turn up the heat before love making.


10ml dropper bottle.

For magick use.

Do not consume.

Not for therapeutic use.