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Tylwyth Teg - Fae Folk Mist

Tylwyth Teg - Fae Folk Mist

A magickal blend of essential oils, flower essence and fragrance oils - every ingredient of the Tylwyth Teg Mist is hand selected as an offering - giving you a beautiful way to connect and invite the Fair Folk into your space.

A multi-purpose mist that can be used for:

- auric/energy cleansing;

- altar spray;

- an anointing mist for sacred objects, candles, charm bags, amulets and crystals;

- as an offering to the Fair Folk (mix a free sprays with some milk and honey)

- a sensory mist before and during ritual, spellcraft or working with the Fae;

- a room/space fragrance spray .



Distilled Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Flower Essence (pink lotus and gardenia ), *Grapefruit Pink, Lavender, Lime, Lotus Pink Absolute, Rose Absolute Bulgaria and fragrance oils.

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