The Moon Mist

The Moon Mist

Energies: Dreamwork, Psychic abilities, Imagaination 


Aromatherapist blended, witch-crafted herbal alchemy mist - each essential oil, herb and botanical ingredient carefully selected to represent the energetic virtues of The Moon.


Attune yourself to her celestial powers and delight your senses as you connect with the energies of imagination, psychic knowledge, dreamwork, past life recall and the subconcious mind.


A multi-purpose mist that can be used for:

- auric/energy cleansing;

- altar spray;

- an anointing mist for sacred objects, candles, charm bags, amulets and crystals; 

- a sensory mist before and during ritual, spellcraft or meditation;

- a room/space mist.



Distilled Water, Flower Essence (lily and jasmin), Lavender* Lemon* Majoram* Violet* and White Sandalwood*

*denotes essential oil.



Do not consume.

May cause skin sensitivity.