Saint Sarah, also known as Sara la Kali (Sara the Black), is the patron saint of the Romani people. Although Sara la Kali is not Mary, the mother of Christ, she is often called the Black Madonna because she is a Dark Mother archetype. She is worshiped as the Mother of protection, war, single mothers, abused children, fertility, sex, fire and abundance. The Black Madonna Spiritual Milk Bath uses Sara la Kalis association with milk, honey and flowers to deliver all the wellness benefits you would expect from a regular bath soak, along with The Rose of Sharon essential oil - an ancient biblical oil distilled from the rock rose, which may assist to quiet and calm the mind as you lay back and call to The Black Madonna. Includes is an information card and suggested ritual.Ingredients:Powdered Coconut MilkPowdered MilkSea SaltHibiscus Damania French LavenderHoney Blue Corn FlowerRose of Sharon Essential Oil

The Black Madonna Spiritual Milk Bath