The Black Madonna - Ritual Oil

The Black Madonna - Ritual Oil

The Black Madonna Ritual Oil


Saint Sarah, also known as Sara la Kali (Sara the Black), is the patron saint of the Roma people. Although Sara la Kali is not Mary, the mother of Christ, she is often called the Black Madonna because she is a Dark Mother archetype.


As an archetype, the Dark Mother represents life, death, earth and sexuality, and deep transformational energy - she is associated with nurturing, birthing, caring for children, the sick, the elderly, and the dying.


Sara la Kali is the Mother of protection, war, single mothers, abused children, fertility, sex, fire and abundance.


The Dark Mother teaches us that our power lies within the darkness, and we need not always chase the light - balance is key. With energetic key notes focussing on protection, feminine empowerment and strength, Black Madonna may be particularly helpful for people who are looking to connect and work with their shadow side, those looking for increased spiritual/emotional protection or those who feel they are going through/into battles of any kind.


To use:  Anoint candles, amulets, charms, spiritual/sacred/altar objects or ritual tools.

Use a few drops in a spiritual bath, or on the skin before ritual work. Information card included.


*Please note: Not intended for therapeutic benefit.

Do not consume.

May cause skin sensitivity