A luxurious 500gm triple scented soy candle with notes of rose, lime, musk, dandelion and myrrh essential and fragrance 
Hand poured and adorned with citrine and an agate geode.
Why Sun Tarot?
The Sun card represents success, abundance, and radiance. Like the sun itself, it gives strength and vitality to all those that are lucky enough to feel its rays. There is much joy and happiness that is coming to you.Because of your own personal fulfillment, you provide others with inspiration and joy as well. People are drawn to you because they are capable of seeing the warm and beautiful energy which you bring into their lives. You are also in a position in which you are capable of sharing your qualities as well as achievements with other people. You radiate love and affection towards those you care about the most. 
Do not leave lit candles unattended.
Approx 500gm - 50hr burn time.

Tarot Candle - Sun (500gm)