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Tarot Affirmation Candle - The Sun

Tarot Affirmation Candle - The Sun

“I am confident and happy - deserving of success and prosperity”


Ignite the Sun Tarot Affirmation Candle to ignite your journey with radiant confidence, unparalleled success, and unwavering truth.


Let the flickering flame guide you through shadows, illuminating your path towards self-assurance. As the wax melts, envision your inner sun bursting forth, casting away doubt and embracing your unique brilliance.


This candle channels the Sun tarot's energy, bolstering your self-esteem, amplifying triumphs, and emboldening honest expression.


With every burn, embrace the incantation of authenticity and achievement. Feel the empowering warmth as you embrace the Sun's attributes, conquer hurdles and shine profoundly.


Light your core with certainty, bask in accomplishments, and articulate your convictions with newfound clarity. The Sun Tarot Affirmation Candle is your devoted companion for embracing your genuine self, claiming triumphs, and communicating your reality.


Hand poured in ritual and adorned with citrine chips and plant allies of chamomile and calendula - chosen for their close energetic ties to the Sun .




Do not leave lit candles unattended.

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