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Tarot Affirmation Candle - Strength

Tarot Affirmation Candle - Strength

“ I am fearless and I have no trouble navigating myself through difficult circumstances”


Ignite Natura Maga's Strength Tarot Affirmation Candle to harness the potent essence of courage and resilience. Let its flame embolden your spirit, guiding you through challenges with unwavering strength.


As the wax melts, visualize your inner fortitude growing, a beacon of unyielding bravery. This candle channels the Strength tarot's energy, empowering your heart and mind to face adversity head-on, exuding tenacity and grace. With each burn, embrace the affirmation of your inner might. Feel the empowering warmth as you embody the lion-hearted symbolism, fearlessly navigating life's twists.


Illuminate your path with the flame of endurance, embracing hardships while maintaining serenity. The Strength Tarot Affirmation Candle is your constant reminder of the power you possess within, a steady companion for cultivating fearlessness and weathering life's storms.


Hand poured in ritual and adorned with plant allies of Rosemary, and Poppy seeds with Black Onyx - chosen for their close energetic ties to strength, protection and finding the way.



Do not leave lit candle s unattended.

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