Sun Ritual Salt Soak

Sun Ritual Salt Soak



The Sun is associated with self confidence, success, vitality, courage and authority - helping us to define and understand our purpose and divine intention in any situation.


Our Sun Ritual Salt Soak is artfully blended using essential oils, herbs and materials that closely correspond to the Sun and its energetic virtues.

Step into a delightful mix of sea salt, rock salt, organic calendula, orange peel, angelica root and lemon, along with oils of sandalwood, juniper and rosemary - all expertly blended to help support you on your spiritual journey.

Our Salt Soak is hand crafted in ritual to cleanse and protect your spiritual energy, while still providing all the beauty outcomes you would expect from a traditional bath soak - don't have a bath? No need to worry, just mix 3 tablespoons of the soak in coconut oil and use as a body scrub!

Our Salt Soak contains no soap products of any kind and comes packaged with charged tigers eye.


Approx 300gm


Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Calendula, Orange Peel, Dried Lemon, Angelica Root and essential oils.

As with all products, check for skin sensetivities before use.