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Siren - Eau de Parfum Candle

Siren - Eau de Parfum Candle

Experience the captivating essence of nature with Siren - part of our newest collection of Eau de Parfum Candles.


The top notes of invigorating bergamot and gentle sea mist unfurl like a refreshing ocean breeze, immediately setting a calming tone in your space.


In the heart of the fragrance, notes of fresh sage and fir needle intermingle, conjuring images of verdant coastal landscapes and lush forests.


As the candle burns, the base notes emerge, as hints of exotic oud bring depth, while the comforting embrace of driftwood adds a touch of rustic elegance. The lingering essence of sea salt completes the experience, evoking the briny air of ocean shores.


Siren harmoniously captures the essence of the sea, offering a journey of scents that soothe, rejuvenate, and transform any space into a tranquil, watery haven.



Amber Jar

Never leave a candle burning unattended.

Siren Eau de Parfum Candle has a matched Eau de Parfum Spray - coming soon.


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