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Bath Spell - Self Love

Bath Spell - Self Love

'I am open to love, as I love myself'


Indulge in Natura Maga's Self-Love Bath spell.


A ritual harmony with botanical allies for profound acceptance -immerse in petals of self-care with rose and lavender, as chamomile soothes the soul. Eucalyptus cleanses doubts, while calendula renews confidence.


The water becomes a sanctuary, reflecting your journey towards self-discovery. This ritual is a tender embrace, a fragrant affirmation of your worth.


Be cocooned in nature's affirmation, celebrating your uniqueness and bathing in a renewed sense of self-love, emerging refreshed and aligned.


Mineral-rich sea and rock salts blended with magnesium flakes and coconut milk will help to relax the mind, sooth tired muscles and noursih the skin.



Magnesium chloride for tired muscles, soothe the body and promote sleep.

Sea and rock salt to detoxify.

Coconut milk to hydrate the skin

Calendula for self esteem and inner joy

Lavender to combat stress and self loathing

Chamomile for calming thoughts

Rose for unconditional self love and forgiveness

Hibiscus to repel negative energy and toxic people

A secret blend of essential oils to open the heart and nourish the skin.




Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding

Check for skin sensitivities

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