Saint Sarah, also known as Sara la Kali (Sara the Black), is the patron saint of the Romani people.
Although Sara la Kali is not Mary, the mother of Christ, she is often called the Black Madonna because she is a Dark Mother archetype.

As an archetype, the Dark Mother represents life, death, earth and sexuality, and deep transformational energy. 

She is been associated with nurturing, birthing, caring for children, the sick, the elderly, and the dying
Sara la Kali is worshiped as the Mother of protection, war, single mothers, abused children, fertility, sex, fire and abundance. 

Invoke divine feminine energy - in all its glorious forms using Black Madonna - The Anointing Oil.

Handcrafted in ritual with a bouquet of wildcrafted flora, including rose petals, pink hibiscus, pink lotus, blue corn flower and jasmine, Black Madonna - The Anointing Oil is a feminine, indulgent and heady scented oil - reminiscent of the flowers offered at the feet of Sara le Kali every year in France by the devoted Romani people 

Use The Anointing Oil in any which way you choose - a decadent body oil, a fragrant bath oil, for anointing objects, charms, crystals, as a ritual oil or as an offering to Saint Sara (or your own deity). 

Aromatherapist blended essential oils of Hibiscus, Orange Sweet, Cedarwood Atlas, Lavender Bulgaria, Palmarosa, Rose Absolute Bulgaria, Vanilla (extract), Honeysuckle.

Information card included.

May cause skin sensitivity 
Coconut oil base

Black Madonna - The Anointing Oil