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Ritual Kit - Cleanse

Ritual Kit - Cleanse

Embrace the Sanctity of Cleansed Space


The Clear Your Space Ritual Kit embodies the essence of traditional witchcraft, providing a potent ritual for space purification.


This bewitching kit comprises key elements that harmonise to cleanse and renew.


A bundle of  dried sacred herbs carries the cleansing power of smoke, natures essential oils will consecrate your candle, ready for the ritual, while a vial of witch's salt, charged with intention, acts as a protective barrier.


Ignite the herbs, letting the smoke envelop each corner as you recite an incantation of cleansing. Sprinkle the witch's salt along thresholds, visualising a shield of energy forming.


As the smoke rises and the candle flickers, a renewed atmosphere emerges. The Clear Your Space Ritual Kit delves into the tapestry of ancient practices, offering a transformative means to purify your surroundings, allowing for the flow of positive energies and inviting serenity to flourish.

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