Planetary Oils

Planetary Oils

Perhaps what we are known best for are our Natura Maga Planetary Ritual Oils.


A traditional alchemy and witchcraft creation that work to conjure powerful magickal focus for your rituals, spell work and intention.


Natura Maga Planetary Ritual Oils embody the specific energetic keynotes and virtues of each planet -  helping attune you to their celestial powers.


Use our Planetary Ritual Oils to anoint candles, sacred objects, amulets, charm bags, crystals, jewellery, money and other personal or ritual tools.


Our Planetary Oils can also be used as offerings to ancestors and deities.


Slow crafted in ritual over 8 weeks in small batches, Planetary Oils formulated for magick use only, and not intended to have therapeutic or medicinal properties - do not consume.


Check for skin sensetivities.