As spring reaches its midpoint, night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on the increase. 

The young Sun God now celebrates a hierogamy (sacred marriage) with the young Maiden Goddess, who conceives. In nine months, she will again become the Great Mother. It is a time of great fertility, new growth, and newborn animals.

With the beautiful pastels associated with Ostara, and diluted to 7%, our seasonal Ritual Oil is safe to be used to anoint the skin or can be used to anoint candles, sacred objects and ritual tools - even as an alter offering to your chosen Ostara Deity.

Lilac, Bunnies Tails, Camellia, Lemon.

Violet, Lemon Balm, Coconut.

Swarovski Crystal, Paua Shell and Rose quartz.

Ostara Ritual Oil

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