The New Moon is a time for introspection, analysis and reflection - most importantly, it is the best time to set your intentions for the month.

A cleansing, spiritual bath is a great way to invoke peace and restoration under a New Moon. The energies of medicinal and aromatic plants have great therapeutic benefits in both a physical and spiritual sense.

Our New Moon Spiritual Bath Salts are expertly handcrafted with intention - providing spiritual healing during your ritual, while still having the beauty and health benefits you would expect from a traditional bath soak (including Magnesium Chloride Flakes).

Wildcrafted Calendula, Rose, Blue Corn Flower and Jasmine will wrap you in their magick, while a blend of essential oils will calm, uplift and nourish the skin.

We also include a charged Lapis Lazuli Stone to help invoke spiritual awekening and discovery.

New Moon Spiritual Bath Salts w/ Magnesium and Lapis Lazuli