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Roam -  Eau de Parfum Candle

Roam - Eau de Parfum Candle

Roam - an Eau de Parfum candle that encapsulates the essence of a dreamy garden in full bloom.


The top note of ambrette welcomes you with a delicate floral embrace, setting the stage for an enchanting journey. As you delve deeper, the heart notes of magnolia and violet unfold, painting the air with their ethereal elegance while sandalwood adds a creamy touch of serenity.


The base notes, a harmonious blend of cedar, musk, and amber, ground the fragrance with a warm embrace that lingers in your space like a fond memory.


Eoam captures the sensation of strolling through a secret garden, where every breeze carries a medley of blossoms and every step leads to a new discovery.


Let Natua Maga's triple scented soy candle transport you to a realm of beauty and imagination, where nature's wonders intertwine with the artistry of scent.



Amber Jar

Never leave a candle burning unattended.

Roam Eau de Parfum Candle has a matched Eau de Parfum Spray - coming soon.

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