Magistery - anything in nature that has curative properties.


Magistery Spiritual Bath Salts are specifically made for the purposes of Ritual and Spiritual Bathing - using only the purest and natural of ingredients.


Step into a delightful mix of sea salt, rock salt, magnesium chloride, organic wildcrafted lemon balm, lime and mint.


Therapeutic oils of Lemon Myrtle  and Orange are expertly blended to wrap you in magick, open the heart and uplift the spirit.


Bath Salts are hand crafted with intention to cleanse and protect your spiritual energy, while still providing all the health and beauty outcomes you would expect from a traditional bath soak.

Our Bath Salts contain no synthetic fragrance or soap products of any kind.


Appox: 300gms (2 baths)

Magistery Spiritual Bath Salts w/ Magnesium and Aventurine