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Magickal Mist - Love

Magickal Mist - Love

Love - to draw in love, friendship, acceptance, desire and compassion


A captivating blend of essential oils designed to evoke profound connections. Ylang Ylang, Cardamom, and Bergamot weave a sensual opening, while Sandalwood and Jasmine evoke passion. Rose and Clove deepen emotions with their rich warmth.


With each delicate mist, this aromatic potion envelops your space with an irresistible aura of love. It's an olfactory serenade that speaks to the heart, inviting tenderness and intimacy.


As the symphony of scents unfolds, barriers melt, and love's energy blossoms. A simple spray, a profound transformation — a sensory journey toward deeper bonds and heartfelt embraces.

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