Root Work. Conjuring.Chicken feet are often used for the cleansing and purification of the body by lightly "scratching" the body from head to toe. This works well to remove directed yukky juju, jinxes, and crossed-up conditions. They are also used to ‘scratch up’ the surface and establish ‘messes’ in affairs that are restricting or harming. You can also keep them dressed on your altar as a type of protective and defensive amulet. These are a powerful piece of juju!Another common tradition across various cultures and can be seen traditionally used for conjure/ sorcery/ magick across many continents and cultures; from Africia, asia and across to Europe and the americas it has been common practice to hang one up in your home and or sacred space for protection and luck.*100% of sales are passed onto Liminal Place 

Luminal Place - Dressed Chicken Feet