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Love Oil

Love Oil

Love. Attraction. Desire. Sex.


A love ritual oil, carefully crafted from aromatic botanicals, invokes an ancient magic that deepens connections and ignites passion. Infused with herbs like rose petals for romance, jasmine for sensuality, and lavender for emotional harmony, this oil becomes a conduit of intention.


As it's gently massaged onto skin or added to a bath, its fragrant embrace aligns energies, fostering intimacy and affection.


Each drop is a whispered promise, a gesture of devotion that transcends the physical. The ritual becomes a sacred dance of hearts, a sensory celebration of love's intricate symphony, enhancing the bonds between souls and kindling an eternal flame.


Natura Maga Love Oil is perfect for:

  • anointing yourself as part of self care and self love rituals.
  • adding to a spiritual bath
  • anoining candles for love magick and manifesting
  • anointing amulets and crystals to carry with you daily
  • adding to charm bags and other witchy creations.



Coconut Oil base.

*may cause skin sensitivity

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