Like Lilith, you are the master of your destiny!


Natura Maga Limited Edition Lilith Ritual Oil is a herbal alchemy creation that works to create a powerful magickal focus for your intentions - independance, fairness, bravery, knowledge and free will.


Our Oil embodies the specific energetic keynotes of Goddess Lilith as well as uses oils created under the dark moon cycles -  helping attune you to its celestial powers.


You can use Lilith Ritual Oil to anoint candles, sacred objects and ritual tools, as well as an offering to your Deity.


Lilith Ritual Oil can also be used by adding a few drops to your spiritual bathing routine, or in your magick sachets and/or smudge sticks.


Handcrafted in ritual, over 8 weeks with herbs, oils and material closely associated with Lilith- including peony, mugwort, apple, strawberry, rose and patchouli.


All Natura Maga Ritual Oils are formulated for ritual magick use only, and not intended to have therapeutic or medicinal properties - do not consume.



Limited Edition Ritual Oil - Lilith

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