Liminal Place x Natura Maga - Throwing Bones Set

Liminal Place x Natura Maga - Throwing Bones Set

Throwing bones are a set of tools used to read fortunes.


They usually consist of bones, rocks, shells and trinkets. No two bone throwing sets will be the same, each witch crafts and collects their bones based on their personal throwing style and often a set will change significantly over time.


Each piece of this set has a meaning for you to decipher according to how each piece resonates with you, but the meaning of the individual pieces is not as important as how the pieces relate to each other. How they fall, where they touch, the distance or lack thereof of each piece comes together to form a narrative that helps to illuminate the question that the caster has asked.


This expertly prepared Divination Set includes 20 individual bones, a curio vile of raccoon claws/Australian native flora , gold tone charm, fossilised sea shells, goat hide and garnet, as well as extensive information to help you get started.