Magical Qualities of DogsDogs bring very positive energy into your life. They invoke healing, communication, and a stronger connection to the psychic world. Dogs are very connected to their sixth sense. Dogs are able to see and sense spirits of many kinds. If you see your dog playing seemingly by its self, it's likely they are playing with a spirit. Typically fae folk being as they can be very playful and are connected to animals. Dogs will also protect you from harm; whether spiritual, emotional, or physical. It's likely you may be able to contact a dog that has died that you had a connection to, such as a pet.This makes them have very healing energies. If you have a a familiar or guide that takes on the form of a dog, you are very lucky! Because of a dog's ability to see spirits, they are able to pass on messages to the spirit world. They can also let you know if a certain spirit you are in contact with is safe, is a trickster or not, or if they are telling the truth.Deities and DogsAnubis Hecate BauCerberusLokiKimat*mindfully sourced.*comes with bone magick notes

Liminal Place - Dog Skull

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