Intention Mists

Intention Mists

A powerful fusion of Traditional Witchcraft and Herbal Alchemy.


Natura Maga Intention Mists are expertly handcrafted in ritual, charged with a range of magickal intention and can be used in all manner of ways.


Intention Mists can be used as auric sprays (to shift/clear and charge energy around your body), as a way of anointing candles, charm bags, amulets, crystals and other sacred objects, or a way to focus and amplify your intention during spell, ritual work or meditation (many customer just use them becuase they smell so divine).



Cleanse - Clear stagnant energy and focus.

Cleanse can be particularly helpful to clear a space of negative/stagnant energy., and for those with respiratory issues, this spray is a great alternative to smoke sticks and incense.

Love - Draw in love from the universe in any way that resonates with you.

Empath - Separate and recharge your energy, while nurturing your spirit.

For those who take on too much of the energy around them, Empath will surround you with an energetic barrier - giving you time to recharge and recalibrate.




Natura Maga Intention Mists are made using distilled water, flower essences, essential oils and grain alcohol.

Please check for skin sentivities before use, do not spray near eyes, nose or mouth (essential oils can have significant impacts on children under 5 and pets - please use with caution).


Shake well before use.

100ml glass bottle.