Hungary Water

Hungary Water

Hungary Water - Love, Desire, Sex and Glamour Magick.


It is said that Hungary Water originated when the aging Queen Elizabeth of Hungary commanded her court alchemist to produce a cure-all magical recipe that had the ability to keep her you, desirable and beautiful.


Adopted and marketed by the Romany people somewhere around 1300, Hungary Water is listed as the worlds first distillate perfume (cologne). It was (and still is) used as a facial toner - however, it potent magickal properties is perhaps the most impressive and mysterious use for this product.


Drip our Hungary Water on your hands and gently anoint your cheeks, forehead and chest before any ritual where your intent and focus is on enchantment, glamour, love, desire or sex.


Our Water is also suitable for anointing candles or sacred objects, as well as a cleansing spray for your ritual tools and/or altar space.



May cause skin sensitivities - avoid nose, eyes and mouth. Do not consume.