Fortune Teller - Divination Oil

Fortune Teller - Divination Oil

Fortune Teller - Divination Oil


A potent oil with roots entwined in the old ways of the Romani.


Wear this oil to increase psychic powers, heighten intuition, and to aid in all forms of divination magick - including tarot, scrying, runes, cartomancy, palmistry, and energy readings.

May also be used to anoint candles and other ritual tools, as well as few drops in a spirtual bath.


Witchcrafted in ritual over 12 weeks, each oil is made using oils, resins, botanica and flower essences.



Check for skin sensetivities before use.

Do not consume.


The Romani People and Fortune Telling


Fortune telling is commonly associated with the Romani people, and for good reason.


As with Romani tradition, Roma fortune tellers are always female, the fortune tellers in question known as drabardi.


Fortune telling acts a livelihood to some, but one must bear in mind that the Romani only practiced divination as a source of income with non-Romani people, that is, the Gadje; they never did so amongst their own people.


In ancient times, almost all Roma were fortune tellers. Modern Roma divination is still highly valued, and their truthfulness and accuracy, legendary.