Are you ready for the Glow Up?


Face steaming is one of the best ways for your face to feel and look fresh and smooth -it’s like being in a steamy, relaxing sauna. A face steam is a simple method for an at-home facial with a shorter time commitment than actually attending a spa. (perfect considering most are closed during COVID-19).


Is steam good for your face? Yes and by adding the best essential oils and herbs for face steaming you can cleanse and nourish the skin with luxurious results.


Our Florabotanica Herbal Face Steaming Mix is a decadent blend of wildcrafted organic botanicals and essential oils, expertly crafted for all skin types.


Your Steaming Mix will arrive cleansed and magickally charged with intention.



Calendula, Jasmine, Rose, Blue Cornflower, Lemon Balm, Orange Peel, Rosemary and Lavender* Frankincense* Carrot Seed*

*Essential Oil


Approx 50gms

Florabotanica Organic Herbal Face Steaming Blend