Essential Rollers

Essential Rollers

Aromatheripist blended, Natura Maga  Essential Oil Rollers are the perfect inclusion in any mindful routine or ritual - they also smell divine!


Oasis -

I am calm, relaxed and in control.

Orange Sweet*, Grapefruit Pink*, Lime Cold Pressed*, Petitgrain*, Rose Otto (*Denotes Certified Organic) 


Nurture - 

Good relationships are good for my soul.

Cedarwood Atlas*, Lemon*, Mandarin Red*, Lavender Maillette*, Bergamot*, Chamomile Roman* (*Denotes Certified Organic) 


Love - 

I am open to love as I love myself.

Grapefruit Pink, Lavandin Grosso, Lime, Lotus Pink Absolute, Rose Absolute Bulgaria).


Protected -

I am sprititually aligned and protected

Orange Sweet*, Petitgrain*, Bergamot*, Lemon*, Rosemary*, Spearmint* (*Denotes Certified Organic).


Handcrafted in small batches.

Diluted to 2%

*check for skin sensitivity

*do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.

*for spiritual use, we make no therapeutic claims

Essential oils with coconut oil base.