Dressed Candles - Protection

Dressed Candles - Protection

Our Dressed Candles will stand guard to protect your home and all those who live in it from curses, evil eye and any entity or energy with nefarious intentions.


Use these candles specifically during your own protection or banishing rituals to amplify your intentions.

Candle magick is a great way to practice your spellcasting and doesn’t require anything more than a candle and your intentions. ⁣


By harnessing the power of fire (the element of transformation) candles are used to bring change. ⁣


Anointing, or dressing your candle will help your spell align with your goals and intentions.


To assist in amplifying your next spell , why not try Natura Maga pre-dressed candles? ⁣


Every dressed candle from Natura Maga is cleansed, before being anointed and dressed in corresponding herbs and oils by hand, and in ritual.


2 Pack.