Osiris was not only ruler of the dead but also the power that granted all life from the underworld, from sprouting vegetation to the annual flood of the Nile River.


Osiris was a god of resurrection and fertility. In fact, the ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris gave them the gift of barley, one of their most important crops.


Our Meet Osiris Box has everything you need to learn about the fascinating and popular Egyptian God.


All handcrafted/curated pieces are full size and hold a close association with Osiris:


- Osiris 25ml Ritual Oil

- Wildcrafted blue lotus

- Dried figs and dates

- Rosemary

- Green aventurine chips

- Osiris 10ml essential oil roller

- Green spell candle

- Charcoal disc and 20gm Osiris loose incense.


An information sheet and suggestions on how to use the contents is also included.

Meet Osiris Box

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