The Wounded Healer.
Governs trauma, wounds, suffering, healing, dharma, medicine, quantum physics and astrology.

Chiron is for everyone who, rather than giving in to despair amid their own suffering, reaches out so others will not have to experience the pain they’ve felt - these people feel the influence of charitable Chiron the most.

This celestial body takes us on a journey through our darkness, where we pass through to the next side with strengths we did not  know we possessed - it helps us with wounds we will never overcome, but simply learn to live with.

Handcrafted in Ritual, each small batch of our Chiron Oil takes 4-6 weeks to create - using only the finest botanicals, herbs oils and materials.

Use Chiron Oil to dress candles, anoint sacred objects/ritual tools and/or the skin.

10ml dropper bottle.

Chiron Ritual Oil

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