Natura Magas Calendula, Lavender & Dandelion Healing Salve is an emollient that bridges two categories. It is considered to be both a beauty product and a healing ointment.


We start with organic wild-crafted calendula and dandelion flowers and lavender, drench them in organic olive oil and let them infuse in the winter sunshine for 6 weeks. We then add organic coconut oil, heat it all up and add locally sourced beeswax - the result is a decadent salve with naturally nourishing ingredients free from synthetic fragrance or petroleum jelly (found in most commercial salves).


Wonderful results on eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, chaffing and nappy rash.

Safe for children and babies when used topically.

Ingredients: Calendula, Dandelion and Lavender infused organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and Australian beeswax. 100gm

Calendula, Lavender & Dandelion Healing Salve