If connecting to raw, powerfuls and uncompromising nature is something that your practice has been seeking, look no further than the Botanicals and Bones Box 06.


Curated to bring you the finest selction of bones, botanicals, oils and curio for your craft.

Beautifully raw divination tools and conduits for energy workings - each individual bone is different - and no two will ever be the same.


Bones in Ritual

Animal remains can be kept on your altar or sacred space, either on display or kept in bags or boxes, and depending on their size and provenance, you can even wear them. You can keep them in small glass vials or bags to carry them on you, or you can use them as ritual adornments in your jewelry.


  • Ritual Adornments: Fangs, shells, small bones, claws, or feathers can be used for protection, luck, for shamanic practice, or in order to draw from the qualities and abilities of the spirit animals that inhabit them. For example, a crow feather or claw may help balance your life and enforce your quest for knowledge of the greater mysteries, or fox fangs or bones may help you attain the wits you’d need in order to sail through a difficult situation. Likewise, they can be used during shamanic work for protection and guidance when traveling between worlds.


  • Ritual Tools: Various bones, fangs, antlers, and shells can be used to adorn ritual tools with, such as wands or daggers, or they may be used as object rituals in and of themselves. They may also be used as divination tools, by carving or painting Runes on them, or you may even create your unique divination system by assigning a different meaning to each particular bone, fang, or shell that belong to the same divination set. You can also use large bones as vessels for the candles you use in your work. You may also use feathers among the bristles of your broom to enforce its power of “flight”.


  • Witch Bags: You can use bones, feathers, fangs, and shells of your choosing in your witch bags for various purposes, as well as for witch bags you create for the sole intention of working with spirit animals. You may carry this on you, or you may use it while meditating or sleeping in order to help you travel between worlds.


  • Ritual Arrangements: You may use animal remains to form a pattern on your altar or “work shrine”, which is only built for a given ceremony, in order to allow the energies of the spirit animals bound to the bones to flow throughout the altar.  You may also meditate on these patterns, as they facilitate communication with the spirit animals present within them.






Goat mandible

Horse tooth

Oils (10ml)

Bone Ritual Oil

Litha Perfume Oil


Python skin and Duck feather

Racoon claws

Pidgeon ribs


Rabbit foot



Native Frangipani

Lemon Tea Tree

Dried Wildcrafted Native Wax Flower


Stone dice

Loose incense

Botanicals and Bones Box 07

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