Bau Bau Ritual Oil

Bau Bau Ritual Oil

Vrajitoare Collection - Celebrationg Romanian Magick


The Bau Bau legend in Romania is connected to the myth of fearing “the other” or “the stranger.


In Romanian Folklore, Bau Bau (The Bogeyman) is described as an evil man wearing a long black coat and a hat or a hood that covers his face.


Natura Maga Bau Bau Ritual Oil turns the tables on tradition by placing Bau Bau as a central figure of protection - assisting the user of the oil to banish nefarious intentions and hexes while providing protection from the Evil Eye and psychic attacks.


Use Bau Bau Ritual Oil to annoint candles, charms, amulets,crystals or as an offering.


Contains chillies and black pepper - do not use on the skin or near the eyes nose or mouth. Consider wearing gloves when using .