It is not my job to fix others. Protecting my energy and spiritual journey is my number one priority.


A beautifully handcrafted all-purpose spray to assist you to separate, recharge and protect your spiritual energy.


With essential oils, flower essence and botanicals, Empath can be used as an all-day every-day auric spray (or just before, during or after ritual work if you prefer) a space/room spray that is ideal as an altar spray and for annoining charms, crystals, jewelery, candles, amulets and spell jars.




Orange Wild, Cedarwood Atlas, Juniperberry, Organic Lavender Bulgaria, Patchouli, Cinnamon Bark, Flower Essence Witch Hazel. Distilled Water.


Shake well before use.

Test for skin sensitivity.

Avoide eyes, nose and mouth.



Intention Spray - Empath