Make your own 4 Thieves Vinegar

Updated: Apr 23

Four Thieves Vinegar: The Origins, The Uses and The Recipe.

According to the story, there was a group of four thieves during the Plague outbreak in Europe.

Unlike other thieves that were afraid of contracting the plague and dying, this band of thieves fearlessly walked into the houses of the sick and the dying (or already dead) by the plague and robbed them. The reason they were so fearless was that they had created a secret concoction that provided them protection from the disease. According to this story, the thieves were never caught.

Other stories say that they were thieves that got caught and sentenced to burying plague victims, and that’s how they developed their recipe to protect themselves and survive the punishment.

Yet another story says that -armed with their secret recipe- they would rob the houses of the dead and the dying from the disease until they got caught. To avoid being sentenced to death, they traded their secret recipe with their lives.

To avoid being sentenced to death, they traded their secret recipe with their lives.

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What is Four Thieves Vinegar Used for in Magick?

Protect yourself from disease

Protect yourself from magical attacks (especially ongoing ones that don’t seem to stop)

Drive an enemy away

Banish a thought, person or situation from your life.

What do you need to make Four Thieves Vinegar?

Vinegar (apple cider or white vinegar)

Garlic cloves

Rosemary (fresh or dried)

Thyme (fresh or dried)

Chili (fresh or dried)

Black peppercorns

A glass jar with a lid

The preparation.

Wash and dry the glass jar and prepare the rest of your ingredients. You can chop up the garlic cloves or leave them whole, but make sure to peel them.

Starting with the garlic, take each ingredient and ask it to do what you want it to do (the general purpose of four thieves vinegar is to remove negative energies, spirits and people and to provide protection and good health, so you can use that as your goal). Then add each ingredient into the jar.

Take each ingredient and ask it to do what you want it to do.

Stir everything and then put the lid on the jar and leave it for 4-6 weeks away from direct light, opening the jar about once a week to stir the contents.

After 4-6 weeks have passed you can strain the vinegar, discard the herbs and then pour the now ready four thieves vinegar back into the jar.

How to use your finished Four Thieves Vinegar.

Add to your food or drinks to protect yourself

Add to the food or drink of someone you want to drive away from you or protect yourself from

Anoint yourself or someone else after they have had a nightmare or for protection

Add to the water you’re going to use to wash, to remove curses and crossed conditions or for protection

Add a few drops in the water you use to clean your floors and/or doorways to clean them from negative energy and/or to protect your home from hostile energies, spirits, and people.

For banishing a thought or situation from your life, write the persons name/situation on brown paper, fold it up as small as you can. Place the brown paper in a jar and fill it with enough vinegar to cover the paper. Put the lid on the jar and bury it somewhere it will not be distrurbed.

For banishing a person from your life, by sprinkling it across the target’s doorway or where you know they will walk.

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