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Welcome to Natura Maga, where the ancient practices of Traditional Witchcraft and Herbal Alchemy meet. We offer a range of enchanted ritual products to assist you on your magickal journey.

Traditional Witchcraft is as much about history as it is about Magick.

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Traditional Witchcraft blends the many fragmented pieces of ancient craft into modern folk based beliefs and rituals. It is these common threads and traditions that the current working definition is built on.

Traditional Witchcraft is any type of witchcraft that has roots, traditions, and origins before what you’ll hear called neo-paganism, Wicca, and any of the modern blends of ritual magick. 

Forms of Traditional Witchcraft are practiced by a variety of cultures across the world, including the Strega of Italy, the Romani of Romania (and beyond), the Cornish Witches of England, the Welsh Witches of Wales and the Slavic Witches of Russia and the Baltic regions.

If you’re attracted to ancestral tradition, your regional landscape, feel a connection to the “old ways” of doing things and don't want to follow a rulebook, Traditional Witchcraft might be calling you. 

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