JUNE 2021

Known anciently as “Y Tylwyth Teg” which literally means “the fair folk”, Welsh faeries typically live in lakes or streams and sometimes in hill hollows.

The magical entities are said to resemble stunning fair humans with glassy blue eyes and blonde-white hair. Smaller fairies are normally more virtuous and kindly- the taller fairies more mischievous and dishonest.

Usually they dress in green, but the courtiers of the Welsh Fairy King Gwyn ap Nudd are described as being adorned in blue/red silk.

If you are very lucky you could attract one to your home as Y Tylwyth Teg  have a penchant for visiting human dwellings after nightfall.

They particularly approve of a well kept orderly home with a tidy clean hearth, plus the thoughtful touch of a vessel containing some water, so they can quench their thirsts or freshen up before making their return journey to fairyland.