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The reasons people would visit Witches in the past are the same reasons people visit them now.

Relationships, jobs, money, health, curses, hex breaking and cleansing homes and spaces of psychic debris, are among the top reasons to pay a visit to your friendly neighbourhood Witch.

​Natura Maga offers all-types of custom Traditional Witchcraft work including:

  • Custom Spell work.

  • Custom Ritual Oils.

  • Dressed Candles

  • Spiritual baths​

Natura Maga also offers a wide range of custom made  non-witchcraft items, such as bath and body products, candles, herbal salves, elixirs, essential oil blends, face serum, flower essences and much more.

​​Do you have a wholesale inquiry? Send us an email and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Current Natura Maga Stockists:


The Spiritual Toolbox

​ Nest on Risby

Your Healing Space

Pop Canberra


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